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Skärgårdshotellet Hönö


An important key in our business

We at Skärgårdshotellet Hönö work with sustainability in many different perspectives and see it as a huge and important key in our business over all. We think long-term and want to make as little environmental impact as we possibly can. This includes sorting waste, selecting hygiene items and cleaning products.

We LOVE sustainable food

We change our menu every month to be able to cook with the best ingredients of the season. We start each menu planning by checking out what Swedish vegetables are available and then we check with the fishmonger which fish is the best that month and then with our meat and vegetable supplier who collects the best from small farms in West Sweden. Simple and delicious with good ingredients as the most important ingredient in our menu.

We cook everything from scratch for example we cook our own stock with vegetable peels and parts of the vegetables that we don’t use on the plate. Or for example deep-fry the carrot peels for good texture to the dishes.

Our goal is zero percent food waste, which we do our absolute best to succeed.

We LOVE cooperation

We work with many of the companies in the destination so that together we can achieve business and job security as part of a sustainable tourism destination. The aim is to make the archipelago a living and attractive place to be and to visit all year round, it will be good and sustainable for both year-round residents and visitors.

We have a close collaboration with Tvåla and Tvaga who makes organic soaps by hand in their small soap factory in Gothenburg. Soaps that are good for us and the environment. Together we have developed a soap that every hotel guest gets in the room that is for the hands, body and hair. So a soap and shampoo in one! What is left of the soap you are welcome to take home with you and at the reception you can also buy a larger size to bring home.

We LOVE safety

We want to be a sustainable business where we can thrive and feel secure. We want to be a long-term employer where our staff can grow and develop, and we are especially focussed on participation and development for the group and the individual. We want to create more jobs all year round at the destination and also to contribute to a positive start in working life for young adults. We want to see them grow and develop.

We LOVE nature

The nature around us and our hospitality are the most important keys of our business. Therefore, it feels extra good that these represent minimal environmental impact. We offer nature experiences that are relevant all year round and that include hiking, cycling, canoeing and various types of training. We want to recommend the activities outdoors as far as possible, winter swimming and warming coffee, hiking along the cliffs and picnic lunch. We want to create unique experiences for everyone all year round, and build our packages according to the season’s gems. In this way, we can spread out visitors and strive for a steady stream all year round.


Skärgårdshotellet Hönö is open all year round for hotel guests, diners, conferences and meetings.

Payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard or with Swish Company no: 123 489 6452

Västra vägen 17
SE-475 42 Hönö Klåva
Gothenburg Archipelago, SWEDEN

+46 31 96 96 80

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